C . A . G . E .
Citizens Against Government Encroachment -- Citoyens Anti Gouvernement Envahissant




"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it"        (Letters 1791)    Thomas Jefferson



Do you value your freedom and liberty?

Are petty laws and silly regulations getting you frustrated?

Are you fed up with the government trying to overprotect you?

Are you hitting a brick wall when you try to deal with government bureaucracy?

Are you incensed at the huge amounts of taxes you pay for the poor service you receive?

Are you disgusted by the hypocrisy that you see in government excess and posturing?

Are you frustrated by the amount of money wasted irresponsibly by the government?

Would you like to see a bit of concrete action directed toward change?

Then C.A.G.E. might just be the organization for you!

In a democracy, the State serves the people.

Not the other way around!

Let us be clear right from the start: C.A.G.E. is not anti "government". We respect the laws that help us coexist in our open society, and we recognize the need for a strong and responsible government to look after the matters of our common welfare. But the government are going too far when they try to dictate to us what risks we should take, how to treat our own bodies, how to enjoy ourselves, or how to run our businesses and how to treat our clients.

The Government serve us best by keeping us informed, and protecting us from exterior dangers, but they have no business protecting us from ourselves. To paraphrase Pierre E. Trudeau, the government have no place in private bedrooms. Nor should they be in our bathrooms checking if our bath-tub walls are too high, or on our porches checking if our balconies are too low. Twenty-something year old child protection agents who have never had kids, nor tried to balance raising a family with earning a living, should not be threatening to take children away from their parents because they find empty soda cans in the house and for other minor transgressions. Our health minister should concentrate on reducing the waiting times in hospitals rather than dictating to bar owners what they can let their clients smoke within their own establishments. The government should realize that the crater-sized pot holes in our Third World streets (their "public" responsibility) are far more dangerous than are the joys of riding a bike without a helmet (our "private" responsibility).

The government, at all levels, should focus on the essentials for which we need a government. Let them concentrate on matters of our common weal such as the environment, education, health services, infrastucture, defence, law, and police. But under no circumstances should the government presume a right to replace the church, and try to dictate to us how we should live. Stay out of our private lives, let us make our own choices, for ourselves. Let us live or die with the consequences of our own lifestyles and decisions. That is what freedom is all about. And that is what is at stake when people permit a nanny state to govern their lives and allow mission creep to spread the welfare bureaucracy like a cancer into every aspect of our lives. As David Hume said, it is rare that liberty is lost all at once.

We hope you enjoy reading the views, opinions and research summaries contained herein.

Moreover, we hope that once you have read, you will be motivated to act...

-- by joining us

-- by supporting our fight

-- by speaking out

-- by responding to our calls to action



The C.A.G.E. Team