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Citizens Against Government Encroachment -- Citoyens Anti Gouvernement Envahissant




"To all our great shame, moral principles have lost their distinctiveness today. For modern man, absolute right and absolute wrong are a matter of what the majority is doing. We must do better. For the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

~ The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Nobody has time to read all of the newspapers around and listen to every radio and T.V. station at the same time, but some news items just too important to miss.

In this section, we C.A.G.E. posts items of interest that have appeared in the popular media. Some of it is good news, and some of it is very worrying. We also have a small section devoted to articles about CAGE. Because CAGE is an activist group, part of our mission is to actually do things in our society to bring people’s attention to problems and to solutions.

Letters to the editor by C.A.G.E. members and supporters, or about C.A.G.E. can be found in the "Communications" section.  A full collection of the back and forth between C.A.G.E. and community members as published over the months can be found in the one newspaper that published them, the Montreal Mirror.

Some of the PDF documents are sideways or upside down. Upon opening them, you can easily rotate them using your Acrobat Reader. Sorry for the gymnastics, but in order to keep costs low (we are a non-profit group, after all), we are working with older and borrowed equipment. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download a recent version and use it free of charge by clicking on the following link:




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CAGE encourages everybody to verify sources and do their cross-references when citing any article or statement.  In the past year of research, we have discovered a disturbing trend:  perhaps because they are portrayed as our protectors and as the paragons of goodness and health, non-profit organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the WHO, the American Cancer Society, and many of those other pillars of nanny-statism tend to allow themselves a lot of leeway in representing the truth and in maintaining professional standards.  It seems they feel they can be pardoned because their overall goal is the greater good of society.  These people seem to feel that the ends do justify the means.   The following article, by Professor Pierre Lemieux, is an excellent example of what people who seek true answers have to watch out for as they wade through the propaganda.



Effective November 8, 2007 selected news articles and commentary will be posted on the C.A.G.E. bilingual blog at http://cagecanada.blogspot.com/  where you’re also welcome to post your own comments.   All past entries in this news section and all of ‘’news’’ sub-sections, will remain published here for future reference.