C . A . G . E .
Citizens Against Government Encroachment -- Citoyens Anti Gouvernement Envahissant




"Truth inspires fear. When one hears the truth, one can only be silent or join the cause. It is a call to a personal revolution, an upheaval, a departure – perhaps forever – from a life of ease and comfort. So most will prefer not to hear the truth—in no small part because of the difficulty of living up to it. Yet the real heroes, are those who raise their voices against anathemas and persecution, while most succumb—and with their silence give their approval to the civil death of those who spoke  out."      Oriana Fallaci



C.A.G.E. was created by people, for people, who are tired of the government trying to overdo its job of protecting society. We reject the paternalistic attitude that politicians display when they try to protect us from ourselves and when they assume that we, all of us, are too stupid or too irresponsible to make our own decisions, whatever the outcomes may be.

C.A.G.E. is made up of the following:

    • The directors and core volunteers who do all the day-to-day work of keeping CAGE going.
    • The active members who take part in writing letters, attending demonstrations, participating in events, and recruiting new members.
    • The passive members who support our cause and appreciate our efforts, but do not have the time to contribute themselves to our specific campaigns.

Our membership forms request all sorts of information that can be useful to us when we need to gather volunteers quickly to act on a time-sensitive issue. Nonetheless, nobody should be obliged to fill out any more information than they feel comfortable doing for the member forms. If you would like to download to mail or fax us a membership form or donation, please do so. Again, every little bit helps.

Who should join C.A.G.E.? EVERYBODY! Even if you do not smoke, do not ride a bike, do not drink, do not participate in extreme sports, or do not have a problem with any annoying laws currently being proposed or enforced, you never know when the "all powerful" government will come up with something ridiculous that can affect your quality of life profoundly. It is with the utmost respect, bordering on trepidation, that we quote Pastor Martin Niemoller in his famous poem, "First they Came for the Jews". Although we do not pretend that the issues concerning CAGE are as important as those that the good Pastor fought against, we feel that the principle of tolerance and speaking up for others continues to apply. The gradual loss of rights to any giant, including our own government, is a slippery slope that is hard to climb back out of. We need to start acting now before things become more serious.

The following membership form is detailed.  The more we know about you, the easier it is for us to know who can help with what and how.  But really, only fill in as much as you feel comfortable.  There are no mandatory fields, but we really would like to have your name, your e-mail and your home city.  The more members we have, the more politicians will take us seriously when we call them up to tell them they are overstepping their mandates.


Membership is free. We do appreciate donations and in fact depend entirely upon the goodwill of concerned individuals such as yourselves.

From 2005 until 2007, we had an automatic online registration form for New for new members, but due to many malignant hacking attempts, we have had to move to a more manual system. If you would like to be counted as a member of C.A.G.E., please send us an e-mail at:


As a member, you will add to our numbers and prestige, you will receive information and updates about 1 a month, and you will receive a request for donations at most once per year. Of course, donations remain completely optional.

Please copy and paste the form below unto your e-mail, and fill out as much of it as you feel comfortable doing:







Phone number:

Date of birth:

How did you discover C.A.G.E.?:

How much would you be comfortable donating to C.A.G.E. to help us in our fight?:

Is there anything you would like to do on your own or to assist us in pushing back the Nanny State?:


Thank you and welcome to C.A.G.E.