C . A . G . E .
Citizens Against Government Encroachment -- Citoyens Anti Gouvernement Envahissant




"The coindition upon which man hath received liberty is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt." John Philpot Curran



We are easy to reach:

dan.romano@videotron.ca to contact Dan Romano

iroc@videotron.ca to contact Iro Cyr

Dan Romano or Iro Cyr to have your message forwarded to a member of the C.A.G.E. exec

Dan Romano to submit an "op-ed" in English

Iro Cyr to submit an "op-ed" for our French site

If you would like to join us and help CAGE in resisting the ever growing power of the nanny-state, please fill out as much of our membership form as you comfortable filling.

If you would like to support us by making a much needed donation, please refer to the Support page.

For those who feel very strongly about these issues, the more we know about you, the more we know whom we might be able to approach for assistance with what projects. If you just want to give us some moral support, we appreciate that too and would love to add your name to our members list.